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Savoy Sorbet Review

Last week I got to go visit the kitchens of a sorbet company here in Dallas. They sent me home with a cooler FULL of their sorbets (they have 17 flavors!) and I’ve been enjoying frozen treats daily ever since. Including right now, as I type.


Savoy Sorbet


I met with Angela, one of the owners, and she told me about their company and delicious sorbets. Savoy has been around since 2008 and she and her partner took it over 5 months ago. Using the original recipes, they’ve been been spreading their brand all over DFW (and beyond) and business is booming. Make sure to follow their Instagram page where they’re always posting new locations and tastings/pop up events.


Their sorbets are:

dairy free

gluten free


no artificial flavors

no artificial coloring

all natural

no artificial sweeteners


Savoy Sorbet


Using quality and natural ingredients, Angela and her team produce unique and SUPER tasty sorbets that you can feel good about eating, and sharing with your family. We don’t buy a lot of treats at our house- if we’re going to have something, I usually make it. And when I make frozen treats, I’m using the same ingredients Savoy uses in their sorbets. That’s how clean they are! Either fruit or coconut milk based, there are 17 different flavors to choose from and I guarantee you’ll find something you love.


Savoy Sorbet


I was able to try most of their flavors (except chocolate, boohoo! They were making it the day I visited, but I can almost guarantee it’d be on this list), and these are my favorites so far-

Cinnamon Apple Brandy


Chamomile Orange

Mad Vanilla

Red (raspberry hibiscus- I tried this one fresh out of the machine and it was SO good!)


Savoy Sorbet


My kids liked every single one I gave them, and their favorites were Triple Lemon and Blueberry Sage, both for taste and the pretty pink color!


Savoy Sorbet


You can find their products in the following locations-

All Central Market locations

Jimmy’s Food Store

Bolsa Mercado

Celebration Market

Rosemeade Market

The Dallas Farmers Market

….. and more!


Savoy Sorbet


You guys should definitely head over to their website and Instagram, show them some love, and get out and try these sorbets! Angela is so awesome and due with her first baby soon! Good luck, girl!!


♥ Savoy! Now excuse me as I get back to my pint.



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