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Found- Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room

A friend of mine was taking her daughters to the Dallas BeautyCon today and had an extra ticket, so I went along for the fun. I love makeup and beauty things. But the conference seemed to be lacking both of those… It had few vendors and a serious lack of organization. It was their first year here in Dallas, but they need to get their act together if they want to attract more than teenagers coming to see their teenage Instagram idols. But if that’s what it is and I was just expecting something different because I’m inexperienced, carry on. Don’t mind me :) 

ANYWAY! This isn’t about BeautyCon! This is about food! Always. After an amusing morning, we were starving and drove around forever to find food. We attempted something in Lower Greenville, but that was a St. Patty’s madhouse. So we opted for a place that Emily had tried before after hearing things about a delicious roast beef sandwich. Let me tell you friends, she did not exaggerate nor did the sandwich disappoint. I definitely have to rank it in the top 5 sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. It was so seriously good. 

Sourdough bread, buttered and grilled to a delicious golden crisp. 

Lettuce, tomato, mayo, yellow and red peppers.

Pimento cheese.

Thinly sliced, thickly layered, flavorful roast beef. 

Both Emily and I got it and wanted to order another when we were done. But we’re dieting…. So we didn’t. ;) the sandwiches are served with potato chips and the house salad, which is organic baby greens, sliced Granny Smith apples and “crunchies”, as they call it. Which is broken ramen noodles and sunflower seeds. The salad on its own- not that impressive. The house dressing- absolutely delicious. I almost drank what I had left after drenching my salad….

I subbed my potato chips for the Pink Arctic Freeze. Awesome name. I felt like a kid ordering it. It’s basically a frozen berry creamy thingy. Raspberries, cranberries, pineapple and cream cheese. Not the best thing I’ve ever had. But better than potato chips. Emily subbed her chips for a broccoli raisin salad that she raved about. 

The girls got a combo that came with a beverage and dessert. The lemonade had fresh slices of orange and was apparently really yummy.

One got chocolate pie and one got tuxedo cake. Both went home with leftovers because the desserts were rich. But really good! But probably mostly because they’re lightweight kids ;) I’m confident that, given the challenge, I would’ve been able to clean my dessert plate. They also had pecan pie and coconut cream pie that looked realllly tempting. But remember that diet? I’ll have to try those next time when I take B. 

Next to the restaurant they have a small bakery and counter specifically for to-go orders. We didn’t try any of the baked goods, but they had several types of cookies, meringues, macarons, cake balls, cupcakes… 

This is a really cute, dainty and charming place. It was filled with mostly women enjoying some afternoon tea served with beautiful tea sets. There were a few parties going on and it seems like the perfect little place for a ladies lunch. The service was great and I can’t wait to go back! Make sure you call in a reservation. I don’t think it’s required, but you may end up waiting for a while without it.

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