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Found- Bonnie Ruth’s Bistro

Bonnie Ruth’s is a French Bistro and Patisserie that has become our anniversary spot. We discovered it two years ago and I love that we’ve made it a tradition. I look forward to it allll year. We’re headed there this weekend, 3 weeks early this year, because I will be super close to popping this baby out on the real day. 

We really haven’t tried much on the menu because we found a dish that we LOVE the first time around. Seriously, I tell everyone I can about it and drool in the process. 

Let me walk you through our meal. 

When you’re seated, they hand you a menu and the carb loading begins with some delicious bread. 

This is good. I always appreciate complimentary bread because I’m usually hungry already and looking through a menu can take some time, so I like to have a snack. 

We start off with this beauty. Assiette de Fromage- aka a cheese plate. You can taste the quality of the cheese and those pears are delish. It makes me feel French. 

This all tides us over just enough that we have room for the star of the night. 

Moules Marinière-

Prince Edward Island mussles, lemon, butter, wine, garlic, parsley, tomato confit and pan grilled bread

The bread on its own is delicious. And the mussels. But that sauce. It’s what dreams are made of. Buttery, garlicky, rich. Incredible. So incredible. 

Both times we were there, we saw plates and plates of these mussels being ordered. It’s what made us order it in the first place. It HAD to be good if they were flying out of the kitchen left and right. And boy, we were not disappointed. 

We tried a couple pieces of cake the first year, but they were super rich and not that impressive. So last year we opted out and grabbed some gelato afterwards. We’ll see what dessert this weekend holds!

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