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Found- Rodeo Goat- Ft. Worth Restaurant

Lady date to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra last weekend with the BFF and like the classy women that we are, we thought it appropriate to stop in for some big, fat, DELICIOUS burgers at Rodeo Goat in Forth Worth beforehand.


Rodeo Goat- Ft. Worth Restaurant | a kitchen cafe


Ooooooooooooooh man, friends. Look at that guy.


Rodeo Goat- Ft. Worth Restaurant | a kitchen cafe


Like I said- Fat. Juicy. Incredible. We’ve been there twice now, several months apart (crryyyy. That is much too long for girls that love burgers as much as we do), and I ended up, unknowingly, getting the same burger twice. Prego-brain made it impossible for me to remember what I got the first time but I must say, I obviously have good taste. I picked the same AMAZING burger two times in a row. The Cowboy Murrin (pictured) is this:


thick, soft, homemade bun

big, fat, juicy beef patty, seasoned to delicious perfection

crispy applewood smoked bacon. BACON. YES. a must on my burgers.

crisp, fried onion

thick slice of rich, melted cheddar


pickle chutney

homemade bbq sauce the perfect blend of sweet, spicy and peppery


Rodeo Goat- Ft. Worth Restaurant | a kitchen cafe




Anna got the Chaca Oaxaca (pronounced chaka oahaka so you can go in sounding like a pro when you order). This was her first time having it but her hubby had ordered it twice before and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED it. She was definitely glad she took his suggestion. She said it was absolutely delicious and we were both basically licking our fingers by the end. After a few minutes of chatting and talking about how incredible the burgers are, we seriously discussed ordering another to split. Yes, they are that yummy. In fact, my pregnantness could probably cry right now because of how much I want one. Waaaaaaa.


But I have good news on that front! They’re opening a Dallas location in the Design District!! This is one happy, burger-loving pregnant lady. That is minutes away from B’s work and you had better believe I’ll be taking advantage of that.


To sum things up-


They offer all kinds of burgers. Awesome, unconventional toppings and pairings, but also reasonable choices for the less adventurous. You can try something new every time and they have turkey, chicken and veggie patties available.


The fries aren’t the best I’ve ever had. We didn’t order them the second time we went and didn’t really miss them.


Sometimes you seat yourself, sometimes they seat you. It’s a really relaxed, fun atmosphere. Can be fairly loud when it’s busy but it didn’t bother us. The decor is ok- I don’t really get the egg carton ceiling. Fun serving presentation.


Rodeo Goat makes absolutely delicious burgers. If you didn’t catch that from all of the drooling done above, well, I don’t know what will convince you.





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  • Anna

    Dude…when Iread this…I so didn’t want toeat what I was making for dinner. Let’s go baaaack and get that third burger!!!ReplyCancel

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