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Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip

Some friends and I watched Death Comes to Pemberley for Girls’ Night last week. Have you seen it?? I loooove period pieces. Death Comes to Pemberley is about Darcy and Elizabeth about 6-7 years after Pride and Prejudice. It’s really fantastic and I totally recommend it! I’m going to cut this topic off now cause I could go on… But if you want amazing show/movie recommendations  (BBC/British stuff), LET ME KNOW. I will hook you up.


So anyway, Girls’ Night. Treats are a necessity, OF COURSE, and obviously I was going to make something. I’ve been craving pumpkin cheesecake because, get serious. Cheesecake, heck yes. Pumpkin, heck yes. Together? So, so creamy and delicious and the perfect fall dessert. BUT. I’m 18 weeks pregnant and exhausted and still sick. So I look for simple. You can have yummy cheesecake with 1/4 of the effort! Breaking it down into a dip is fantastic, easy and delicious. We ate it with cinnamon and honey graham cracker sticks and it was a hit.


Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip | a kitchen cafe


Prep time: 10 minutes

Chill time: 3-4 hours


12 oz organic cream cheese (1 1/2 packages), softened

1 1/2 cups organic powdered sugar, divided

1/2 cup organic whipping cream

1 can pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)

1/2 tsp vanilla

2 tbsp pumpkin pie spice

dash salt


-Whip cream, adding 1/2 cup sugar gradually, until peaks form.

-In a stand mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Slowly add sugar until combined.

-To cream cheese, add pumpkin, vanilla, salt and pumpkin pie spice. Mix until combined.

-Fold whipped cream into cream cheese and pumpkin mixture.

-Refrigerate for 3-4 hours and serve cold with graham crackers, sugar cookies or sliced apples.

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