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Valentine’s Day Party


I’m not a huge into Valentine’s. I mean, it’s a fine holiday. Anything that encourages people to think of others and be more loving is always good :) But it’s two days after my birthday, so it’s never been a big thing for me. My 4 year old, however, is SUPER in to ALL holidays. For about two weeks I had two questions asked every day- “How many days until your birthday?” and “How many days until Balentime’s day?”


So for her, I wanted to make it special.


We worked on little bits and pieces of the party prep all week, starting with handmade cards. WHICH I SOMEHOW DIDN’T GET A PICTURE OF. So sad. I’ll have to go raid my mom or sister’s house to find some and take photos. We cut out hearts on pretty paper and then glued them on to the card paper, then little lady wrote out all of their names and a few personal messages, which is quite the task for a 4 year old. She was beat afterwards. :)


The party wasn’t anything extravagant. I made a few treats, we had some basic decor, and my family just came for a bit to hang out. It was really fun, though, and it was exciting for her.


a kitchen cafe


Vegan Cheesecakes with strawberry and mixed berry sauces.


a kitchen cafe



Heart shaped cookies made from my snickerdoodle batter. I was so pleased with how they kept their shape! The first one is a little chubby, but the rest looked good…. :)


One more look at those cheesecakes…..


Vegan Cheesecake | a kitchen cafe


So pretty!


Anyway, it was fun, small and yummy. Just like a certain 4 year old I know. :)


I hope you all had a lovely holiday!

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  • Katie

    Dafni, I just love your stuff. And you. This is so great.ReplyCancel

  • Miri

    They were all delicious! And I just realized that I left my valentine there, so I hope it turns up somewhere! I want to keep it.ReplyCancel

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