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Thanksgiving Recap

Oh, Thanksgiving was so wonderful. We did really great about distributing assignments, prepping and sticking to the schedule this year. Usually Thursday is a chaotic, stuck in the kitchen for hours on end with no relief, stressful day. (With the good parts of Thanksgiving, of course :)) We prepped enough that we were able to stick to a very nice, enjoyable time table that had us eating right on schedule, which doesn’t usually happen, without all the stress. Here’s most of what we ate! (Pies, pumpkin roll and gravy not pictured)


Thanksgiving Recap | a kitchen cafe



-Herb Rubbed Roasted Turkey

-Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

-Wild Rice Stuffing

-Cornbread Stuffing

-Our Family’s Infamous 7 Layer Salad

-Pioneer Woman Dinner Rolls

-Cranberry Sauce


-Yams with Roasted Marshmallows

-Sweet Potato Bake

-Fruit Salad

-Pumpkin Pie

-Pumpkin Roll


What I made:

-Sweet Potato Bake (yummy recipe, making again for Christmas with some tweaks)


-Rolls  (baking in a foreign oven can pose difficulties- see slightly browned rolls.. :) They were still soft and delicious inside, thank goodness!)

-Garlic Mashed Potatoes

-Cranberry Sauce ( SO easy and SO delicious. Please don’t ever buy that canned, jelly, gross stuff again!)

-Pumpkin Pie (BEST pumpkin pie we’ve ever had. Making again for Christmas and every holiday in the future!)


I’ll post some of my recipes in the next couple weeks, before Christmas. Stay tuned for those! :)


Food is obviously something that makes me very happy. I love eating. So days like these, holidays, tons of food, grand meals, are my FAVORITE! Good food, amazing company- seriously, what gets better than that?

I’m so very thankful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my wonderful family. I am, maybe even more-so, thankful that my husband enjoys spending holidays with my family. :) We all know that that isn’t always the case, and I am so grateful for an amazing husband that makes the effort and loves my family.

I’m so grateful for my two lovely girls. I love being their mom and I’m grateful for all of the things that role teaches me.

I’m thankful for the talents and interests that I’ve been blessed with, and I’m grateful for this lovely site (that I am still SO excited about finally getting going!) and for all of you! Thank you for allowing me to do something that I love and for being interested in what I create and say! :)


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